Podgorica to Bar Montenegro to Shkoder Albania

Heading south  from Trebijne in the republic Srpska Bosnia region my next stop would be Podgorica. A small city and also capitol of Montenegro .Podgorica has everything you need from bus and train to airport.

Some of the main points are the huge market where you can find all the fresh fruits, vegetables,honey ,nuts and wine you can imagine.

Podgorica market

This market can be found right next to the mall of montenegro. In the mall you can find electronics,banks,groceries and cafes. Cafe Sicilia is a nice spot to grab some pasta.

Moving on to bar Montenegro from Podgorica was very simple. Head to the rail station (timetables https://www.zcg-prevoz.me) which is right next to the bus station( at the bus station next to cafe there is a delicious chicken sandwich for about 2.50 euro).

Montenegro train
Podgorcia rail station

To Vir Pazar by rail was 2.20 and the trains could use some air conditioning .However for 1/5th the price of a German train going a similar distance train I cant complain. Its not about it being cheap either there is a great value with this transportation considering the area with the Adriatic coast in close proximity.


Train montenegro
Podgorcia to vir pazar train ticket

Vir Pazar Side Trip


For Vir Pazar get off the train and go right about 1 kilometer and you will see the little village with boat tours and plenty of cafes and restaurants.Bar Montenegro is about 4 stops after Vir Pazar on the same line. There are city buses that I recommend taking from the rail station. There is a little bit of a hike to the beach promenade.

While at the beach  you can relax , swim at the rock beach  (I recommend water shoes) or enjoy one of the many cafes on the coast.

beach promenade bar Montenegro
Bar Montenegro beach

people enjoying bar montenegro
Bar Montenegro

Ulcinj Montenegro


Moving on from Bar I headed down to Ulcinj which is an interesting  little beach town that has alot of history. Many Historic  Mosques and Churches to see. In addition Plenty of shops and restaurants can be found.  A nice little gym there for a 2 euro entry fee where I was able to get a good workout in.

Matrix Gym
Ulcinj 85360, Montenegro
+382 69 333 144

church in bar Montenegro
Bar Montenegro church


ulcinj to shkoder
minibus from ulcinj to shkoder

The minibus can be found at the main bus station and in the summer leaves a few times a day for around 6 Euros

Shkoder Albania

Shkoder is a lovely city with  eats ,cafes  and a great place to find tours to Theth,  Castles and lakes  as there are many tour companies there.


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